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Specializing in Energy and Body Work, we offer Reiki, Massage, Neo Tantra, P.A.S.T.

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What We Offer


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Relax in a totally different state and activate the body’s natural healing process and realign it’s subtle vibrations to enhance all levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Positive Awareness Self-Healing Technique (P.A.S.T)

Feel you are being held back by residual or experienced negative emotions such as: anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear or limiting beliefs. Book a session and learn about this life changing technique.

Massage and Bodywork

Release, Relax and Restore by enhancing all bodily systems with mind-body integration through therapeutic and relaxation massages with different styles of Range Of Motion.




In addition to our Fitness Classes and Wellness sessions, we also sell a variety of all natural and locally made products that help promote totally body wellness.

Neo Tantra

Learn and experience these fundamentals that relate to the body and all senses to reach new levels of intimacy and sensuality by unleashing your creative side with oneself and others for deeper connections and awareness.




Jackie Hatch

Owner of NewBody Fitness and Wellness, Jackie Hatch is dedicated to helping whoever she can find peace and wellness through physical activity and powerful healing techniques.


What People Are Saying

Jackie offers great classes and for all ability levels! The atmosphere is very welcoming and everyone is so kind and supportive! Awesome gym.

Kimberly Cutter

Friendly people, great instructors, and variety of classes. There are people of all fitness levels and everyone encourages each other to do their best.

Kimberly Cheney-Kenney

NewBody Fitness provides some tremendous work outs. Jackie offers a lot of different classes and she modifies depending on your fitness level. This is really taking your work out to a new level. Love it


Jane Bates

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